DVD Shrink questions

Strange that there isn’t a section or sub-forum for this software and also I tried using the Search tool to locate past threads but get nothing? So this is why I have to create this thread, my first question please is, I have captured some video footage from VHS into my pc in DVD format but they are too long to fit unto a regular 4.7gb blank and I was told to use DVD Shrink which I downloaded and read through the help files but as far as I can tell, this software is used to rip directly from the DVD drive?

Is there any way that I can shrink my DVD files that are already on my hard drive?

Use the ‘Open Files’ button instead of the ‘Open Disc’ button.

Thanks, tried that but I don’t see my dvd files in the browser, any ideas why they are not showing?

Just select the folder that the files are stored in, assuming they are standard DVD compliant files, DVD Shrink will open them.

It’s not recognizing the files, I tried placing the files into a separate folder but then I get this error message:

DVD shrink encountered an error and cannot continue.
Failed to open the file F:\videos\shrink test\video_TS.IFO
The system cannot find the file specified.

I know chose the “DVD” option for in my leadtek card’s capture settings and when I look at the properties for the captured files, it reads “mpeg file”, any ideas why shrink won’t recognize these files?

Because they are no DVD VIDEO compliant files.

so this means that shrink will not work for me?

Aleady gave you a response to this question in a another post
, should not have started another , should have just continued , maybe a mod can link , see my previous response … shrink cannot read mpeg files .


Your post in that other thread references to mpeg “2” which is what threw me, I still have to get used to all of the many different terminologies. Ok, so I will use the DVD9 blanks for the longer files and maybe use Shrink to rip from DVD, thanks.

mikehende , check out http://www.videohelp.com/ they are a great source for vhs to dvd transfer …
I use power producer to convert my mpeg2 to dvd only because it’s the software that came with usb capture device … very limited program ( only 3 bitrate /res settings … found Nero vision slightly better ( more setting ) … but still mediocore … maybe someone with more experience in these transfers can help you out …

The main problem with all of this stuff for me is when having to “convert” from one format to another to get certain things done, this is what I will try to avoid unless I have no other options. I like the easy way that I can use my card to capture video from anything then burn to DVD, easy as that! This is why I think it may be better for me to get the DVD9 blanks and be done with it, if my situation was where I would have to be converting a “lot” of VHS tapes to DVD then I would have to look for the cheapest way out therefore go through all of the various conversion processes but since I only have just this limited amount of tapes to get done, doesn’t make sense for me to go to all that trouble is the way I see it.

BTW, when you rip a DVD with Shrink, which format will you end up with and can you burn that without having to convert anything?

But as everyone in this thread (and the other) has been trying to tell you, your files [B]aren’t[/B] DVD-ready yet. What you have at the moment are some [I]mpeg[/I] files (you even say so yourself) that are probably DVD-compliant, but you need to use an authoring tool of some description if you want to make a disc that can be read by the majority of standalone DVD players.

Something like NeroVision, as kissparo mentioned, will do the job for you. NeroVision Express 3 came with my current DVD burner, and I like it.

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Looks like I am confusing myself and you guys with all of this stuff. I am using NerovsionExpress, what I am having trouble understanding is the term “DVD” File format. My capture card has these options for capturing:
Windows Media video
Uncompressed AVI

I chose the DVD option which burns and plays on any standalone. What I am confused with here is that the captured file’s properties read “Mpeg file”, it doesn’t say if it is Mpeg1 or 2 and if I have the DVD capture option then why doesn’t the file’s properties read “DVD file”? Can anyone explain this to me please so I can finally understand all of this? I have read all of the links to videohelp.com and only get more confused the more I read about all of this stuff so don’t think that I am asking questions here without doing any reading up on the stuff, I just need someone to explain it to me in a different way which I may understand, thanks.

I would imagine that dvd converts the file into a .vob file, but i also believe that you can burn mpeg2 files in dvd shrink

So then are you saying that mpeg1 and 2 are this .vob files?

nope mpeg1 are svcd files. Mpeg2 are dvd files

Ok, so my files must be mpeg2 [wish it would say that!], so now getting back to the question, Chef had mentioned earlier that my files are not “DVD Video Compliant” files so that is why Shrink is not recognizing them therefore this meants that Shrink will not burn mpeg2 files so what would I have to do have shrink burn this file type? Is is possible?

:smiley: use vso convertxtodvd to convert your mpeg files into vob files then burn em to a dvd using either nero, clonedvd2. if the file is bigger than a single layer dvd then use dvdshrink to fit it on the blankdvd