DVD Shrink questions about 'still image'

I am curious why when I replace a title (such as a preview) with a still image, why it still shows up as a sizable chunk?

For example, I remove a 5 minute block of previews that was originally 299 MB, when I replace it with a still image, the size is reduced to 45 MB (I would think it would be much less than that).


this is because dvdshrink’s “still image” doesn’t completely blank out the video you’re trying to get rid of. instead, it replaces it with a series of still images of the video. this is probably the biggest weakness of dvdshrink; it doesn’t completely blank out video that you don’t want (which most other transcoders can do) unless you re-author, in which case you lose functionality of the menus. one way around this is to blank out whatever you want on the dvd using other tools before running it through dvdshrink. one free tool is titleset blanker, which will probably do what you want.

Thanks AZ.

BTW, what do you use to back up DVDs?

i usually use a combination of titleset blanker and dvdremake to eliminate unwanted video as well as edit the menus to eliminate menu choices that no longer exist (since i discarded the video). then what i use to actually compress the video depends on how lazy i am and on the type of dvd i’m compressing. if it’s a cartoon dvd with bold lines and solid colors (like simpsons, futurama, family guy), i’ll use InstantCopy since such cartoons are relatively easy to compress. for pretty much anything else, i’ll use something involving CCE (either dvd-rebuilder or The Big 3 method).

Thanks AZ.

(noob question)

What’s ‘The Big 3’?

“the big 3” is named for a set of three programs that made backing up full dvds easy back when neither dvd-rebuilder nor transcoders were created yet. the method remained popular when transcoders came out because of its ability to use CCE, but the creation of dvd-rebuilder has made it somewhat obsolete since dvd-rebuilder also uses CCE and requires less steps. however, the big 3 is more customizable than dvd-rebuilder, allowing you to do things like set different compression ratios per VTS and compress your menus. if you want to read more about it, doom9 has two guides on it here.

Thanks AZ, for all the help.