Dvd shrink question

I purchased tyler perry’s daddies little girls and want to make a back up before i let my cousin watch it. I tried to use dvd shrink to back it up but got a error reference the dvd structure. I heard dvd shrink can’t back up newer dvds. I also heard there is some plug in for it that helps back up new dvds. Is this true? should I just use a different program?

Download ripit4me & dvddecryptor from somewhere, and rip it to your HD, then point anydvd to the directory & press go.

Otherwise, you can download a trial of AnyDVD & it will get rid of the protection problems on-the-fly and you just use DVDshrink directly on the DVD.

Another option for decrypting and ripping the dvd to your hard drive is DVDFab HD Decrypter. It is free, and is still being updated. Found here: http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm

Once on the hard drive you can use Shrink to reduce the size if necessary. Or DVDRebuilder if you prefer.

Try to use RipIt4Me which has more latest Protection Removal Tech if that did not do it then use AnyDVD in the background while you are ripping with DVD Shrink.

BTW: You can download and use AnyDVD for 30 days as a trail period.

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RipIt4Me/Dvd Shrink/ImgBurn, will get the job done.