Dvd shrink question

Hello everyone
My question is when using dvd shrink to backup a dvd after saving dvd fab files to computer is there a way to have it make more than one copy at a time. I am using Nero as the burner. I hope this is enough info to answer my question.
Thank in advance to any help

You can make as many copies as you want. Sounds like you have the program set up to automatically start burning with Nero after it’s done compressing the DVD. When you press the ‘backup’ button, you can change how the compressed DVD will be backed up. Change the ‘select backup target’ to either an ISO Image, or a Hard Disk Folder - I would suggest backing up as an ISO Image as it creates one large file that is easily handled for multiple burns. Once it is done compressing and backing up the DVD, just burn the ISO Image with Nero (select ‘burn image’) or burn with either DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn. Might sound confusing at first but it’s very simple.

When I use Nero, and it completes the burn, it asks ‘What would you like to do next?’ and one of the options is ‘burn again’ or some such.

I guess he is asking for multiple copying at the same time if that so then you have to have multiple DVD writers in your pc even with that Nero is not setup to reroute the compressed file to multi drive for burning. Also for automatic burning after compression of files, you have to have two drive one to rip and compress the file and second to write that file. You can have one DVD-ROM for ripping and on DVD writer for copying.