DVD Shrink Question

I was just curious what you guys’ on this forum experience might be RE DVD Shrink application - specifically, when I back up my DVD’s, I sometimes want to try to backup the entire disc. By using my standard single-layer DVD+R blank, I cannot fit the whole disc without it being compressed. So my question is: Typically, what is the minmum percentage (What Shrink shows after opening the disc, for example 64.2% after I uncheck most of the extra features like English 2CH etc…) that can or should be used to get good picture quality without too many problems - therefore, is one able to see the difference between this magnitude of compression to backup the whole disc, vs just copying the main title move only, which is typically 4.4 GB, and does not need any compression to fit on the DVD blank…

I’m trying to figure out if its worth it to copy to whole disc and compromise some slight diff in picture quality, or just forget about the extra features and just copy the movie only.

Thanks for your help guys!


do a search. this is covered every other day. specifically, there is a sticky thread in the copy dvd movie forum entitled something like “percentage acceptable for 1 disc backup”

you’ll find few people recommend lower than 80%. some people will only accept 95% before they split to 2 discs. others can go as low at 60% and not see a difference on their setups.

this is personal preference. burn some tests discs and try it out. it very dependant on your playback equipment.

Maybe some of these days ppl will finally realize that percentage has no meaning whatsoever, it’s all about bitrate.

I couldn’t agree with you more Chetwood! :iagree:
There should be required reading on the significance of bitrate and the meaninglessness of percentage in regards to a backup.

BTW, neuron2 was kind enough to recently add, at my request, an ‘average bitrate’ feature to ‘DGIndex’. You may want to try it out. It is more accurate in it’s algorithm compared to ‘Bitrate Viewer’ IMHO.


P.S. Good link to blutach’s FAQ.

Can someone please direct me to where I can find information regarding ‘Bitrate’? I know that you guys mention that it is more important than percentage, but I want to find out exactly what the bitrate deal is all about…? What bitrate figures mean and what is a good level and what is considered a poor quality level, etc…

Thanks again for all your help!

So, you actually do mean you overlooked my link that was again mentioned by feedback10k?

A “bitrate” is the average bits of data for a given period of time (usually in seconds), so a higher bitrate means that more data is being stored for the medium in question (in this case, the video quality), which in turn allows it to be better reproduced. Read the sticky about percentage at the top of this forum for more information. As Chetwood said, percentage has very little meaning in terms of resulting quality.