DVD Shrink question



hi everyone, im using DVD shrink,
and im burning some movies. allot of the movies i burn skip in certain parts

there is an option “compress video with high quality adaptive error compensation”
it has a few selections under the categeory.
“sharp (default)”
“maximum sharpness”

i just use the “sharp (defualt)” setting… do these settings cause the skipping y chance?

is there a better program than DVDshrink?
thanks :slight_smile:


Doubt it’s shrink, it’s what i use and skipping is rare as long as i’m using good media and ripping from an undamaged DVD. What disks are you using?


Your problem isn’t Dvd Shrink. It’s almost certainly bad media or media that isn’t compatible with your drive.


Agree :iagree: , most likely lt would be the media that u are using. There are also other factors like a dirty or damaged DVD that u are using or a stand alone dvd player with a laser filled with dust.