DVD shrink question

When DVD shirnk is encoding a movie it is taking like 50 min to do so…is this normal? before i got my new motherboard installed it used to only take like 20 min. Is there some settings or something i need to change or to make sure they are checked off?/



thats what it takes me…i would like to know how you got it done in 20 min before…were they already burned or were they the original?

they were already burned

ah ok i see now…are you doing the same thing now…has settings changed what are the current setting someone may need to know to better help you

Takes me about 35… and my friend an hour… so it varys.

Took me 15 minutes first time, now its about 25-30 but it doesn’t burn properly for me any more so Im going to have to start using Alcohol 120%. :sad:

From what I understand it depends on the specs of your computer as well. Other people on here would know far, far more about this then me though. I think it’s more RAM and Pen 4 equates to a good encoding time.

The speed that the computer encodes at is definitely affected buy the hardware. I usually can reencode a 1 1/2 or 2 hour movie in 20 min or less.
Total time is usually 30-35 minutes which includes the burning to DVD. I am running a P4 3GHZ HPT with 1GB memory at 800MHZ.
This is a vast improvement over my older computer whic used to take an hour or so just to encode.

also the setting in srink, Shart,Smoth etc. make a dif,it it takes longer did you get the new srink(3.2) or did you change the settings? at the time you changr your motherbd.

As mentioned above, if you are using the additional quality enhancements it will definitely take longer (makes sense since it is doing more than one pass). Also if you are just making backups of backups then there is absolutely no reason to use Shrink. Pick up DVD Decrypter. Just read the backup in ISO mode to the HD and then write the ISO file back to DVD-R. Obviously it varries quite a bit by what speed you are burning at but if you are burning at 4x and have a decent DVD-ROM drive to do the ripping, it shouldn’t take more than 25 minutes total (rip and burn). http://www.dvddecrypter.com. The reason that I recommend DVD Decrypter (besides the fact that it is legal freeware) is that it does seem to rip just a little bit faster than other programs. I never use Shrink for movies that aren’t DVD9. BTW you do know that backups will generally read slower than original discs, right? :wink:

Hi guys, new to this so forgive me. I am currently using DVD Shrink freeware to copy a dvd. Have had no problems until yesterday when i had a message saying that i needed a CSS key. Any ideas…please :smiley:

Well shrink is suppose to bypass the CSS key which is copy protection. If you have problems rip it with the latest DVD Decrypter, it’s free.


Hef, i find also that srink sometimes can not decrept,i use a different drive to rip to get around this,i as well use decrpter on some ocastions and have had good susess,but over all i prefer srink