DVD Shrink Question / Observation

I just created my first backup of a movie (I Robot) with DVDShrink. It worked fine taking less time than I had ‘planned’. The copy plays fine and sounds fine, I actually like it better because I just ReAuthored only the movie itself. I do, however, notice that when the movie is playing in my computer the DVD drive itself (NEC 3500) seems to be spinning faster (and thus making more noise) than when playing the original disk. My question, is this normal???

BTW - when the disk was burned it did so on a WalMart cheepie Memorex 8x DVD-R. Could that be it???

many drives read pressed DVDs (especially copy protected ones) at slower speeds than burned recordable discs (w/out copy protection). i think it’s normal, but check the NEC hardware forum as they’d know better than i about your particular drive.

Thanks for the quick response.

no problem :). im pretty sure you can disable the “riplock” (i.e. limiting of read speed) on your NEC drive by applying one of the custom firmwares available here. again, i don’t own an NEC drive so you should check in the NEC section.

The NEC has riplock. When playing a movie it is actually “good” as it limits the spinning speed, but ripping is slow.
When you flash the drive with firmware removing the riplock it spins at faster speed during playback.

A very simple solution, use program to limit the speed. Nero has a program called DriveSpeed. There are other programs. Set speed to 2X and it will be fine.