Dvd shrink problems

here’s what i have… i open daeman tools and mount the closure_disc1.img to it. i then open dvd shrink and open the file(which is apparently a dual layer file). it analyzes it and it’s still to big to be backed up (5,047mb) so i click on analysis again but it still won’t let me shrink it to fit and a 4.7gb disc. when i click to analyze it again it tells me that the movie has already been fully analyzed. thanks in advance for any help as it is greatly appreciated.

Shrink should be able to open your .img w/o daemon tools…Use Ctrl+I keys…
You did set to output DVD-5 target size right?

thank you on the control-I that saved me a step. dvd shrink is set to dvd-5 in the preferences and even though i opened the image that way it still gave me the same “it has been fully analyzed”.

also note that i’ve never done this before. is it a waste of my time to try to make a dual layer fit on a single layer?

Reboot and try the Ctrl I step again.

DVDShrink was designed to compress large movies onto single layer blank dvds, so no, not a waste of time.

On very large movies, I prefer to use DVDRebuilder for compression. Using the HC encoder, you’ll get excellent results, though it takes more time than Shrink.

There is a free version of DVDRebuilder that you can download and use if you are interested.

When it opens it’ll analyze, there really is no need to analyze again…Unless you’re running a deep analysis…

BTW, I agree with Kerry, regarding DVDRB…:iagree:

the reason i re-analyzed it was because i had done a search on the forum before i posted this and that was the only thing i found when i searched that was the same thing and had said it helped. hopefully that clears that up. now… i’m rebooted and i opened the img using ctrl-I but it didn’t analyze it. it put it right back to where it was before and still told me its too big/it can’t be further analyzed. thanks.

i’m going to try dvdrb now. thanks!

Ok but first, see if you can set shrink to do a deep analysis.
Hit the Backup tab-> Quality settings-> check ‘Perform deep analysis’… and also check, ’ Compress Video with high quality’… Try it…

it unfortunately wouldn’t let me click on perform deep analysis is was all greyed out

I thought so!..You could always run it by shrink twice…It will suffer even more quality loss…Or on to DVDRB…Good luck!..:slight_smile:
BTW, I don’t think DVDRB will let you import the .img file unless it’s mounted… Or first backup with shrink w/no compression, and save to HDD, then open/use the shrinks output VIDEO_TS folder in DVDRB…

i did download dvdrb and i am about to use it right now. are there any options (such as the fact that i had to make sure that dvdshrink was at dvd-5) that i need to adjust? or just take the source from the mounted file, pick a destination source and then click back up? thank you!

Just make sure in ‘Settings’ you check 'Standard target size(DVD-5)…