Dvd shrink problems

why when i use dvd shrink and then burn with nero 6 do i end up with a blocky film that jumps and stutters. what could i be doing wrong

need more info what brand of media are you using? Cheap Media is the cause of most problems with burns. What speed are you burning? Using dvdshink the nero will unless you set it to something different burn at the fastest speed which is not always best for your drive and or media. Have you tried burning with something else not nero?

based on your question, my answer is: poor quality media, burning too fast, compression too high.

a more exact diagnosis would be readily available if you provided relevant information to your problem.

those are your likely culprits though, and if you care to expand upon your issue and supply more than “i get bad burns” then maybe we can help you a little better.

i am using good quality media and im burning at the manafactures quoted speed of x8(i have also tried x4) i have tried two burners nero 6 and dvd clone2. i get the same result with both. the movie plays but then goes still for a couple of seconds then catches up goes blocky and fragmented this carries on for the duration of the movie

what is “good quality media”

what’s the compression rate of the movie

compression rate 58%

58% is rather low. assuming your media is “good quality” (you still haven’t stated the Media ID of the discs you’re using) I’d point to the compression rate as the culprit…that’s almost half the quality of the original…you’re bound to see blockiness and pixelation especially if you have a decent TV.