DVD Shrink Problems

I have the latest version of DVD Shrink ( and it worked flawlessly. I liked the Movie Preview Window that allows you to check the movie titles individually after opening the disc or files. But for some Odd Reason my Preview window does not work anymore after I cleaned my hard drive and installed new copies of all my software. I have checked all the configuration settings and there is nothing that will allow my preview window to operate during my re-authoring or checking titles for content. This preview window is the Viewing Window located in the lower left hand window when you open the DVD Shrink Program. All the other preview windows work fine. Does anyone know what this problem could be? Has anyone else experienced this sort of problem with there copy of DVD Shrink? I would appreciate any help in this matter that anyone can provide to me. Thanks in Advance… I have many copies of this program and I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times to no avail.

You may have already checked this, but I thought I would throw it out there just in case…there’s an option in the preferences you can check. Open Shrink, click Edit…Preferences…look for the tab that says Preview and click it, make sure the Enable video and audio preview option is checked.


Can anybody help?When the DVD has finshed encoding,the disk does not automatically eject and ask to insert blank disk to copy too,how do I alter the settings to do this?

It may also be necessary to set (or reset) the renderer. Try the default system renderer first. If that doesn’t work, try the software renderer. If that one doesn’t work, then you’ve got a pretty nasty problem. Run the display diagnostics in DXDIAG to see if there’s any driver related issues that can be determined.

Well that’s a different issue, but I don’t think that DVDShrink does that. I have never seen that behavior from it, nor can I find an option for it. Did it ever do this for you before?

Yeah it worked before,I,ve just got computer back after been re-formated from a virus,and just discovered that nero is not up and running,I’m hoping that this is the cause of the problem?

@ pete hill.

You have to install Dvd Shrink after Nero so that Dvd Shrink picks it up. Then you have to make sure that you have enable burning with Nero checked in Edit/Preferences/FileI/O. Then when you hit Backup you have to make sure that you have a blank disc in the drive so that you can set your burn speed in Burn Settings. A good rule of thumb is half the maximum rated speed of the blank.

Yeah, that’s probably it. DVD Shrink just uses Nero’s burning API, so try setting the option in Nero, then see if it sticks in Shrink.

I’m sure it’s a registry entry that determines that behavior, but since I don’t use Nero, I can’t… nevermind, I just did a quick search. Try this if you’re familiar with registry mods:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\General]

I know there have been problems with dvdshrink and nero6’s API. Apparently they dont play too well. Try telling dvdshrink to write to an Image recorder; then burn it with nero later.

Better still, have Dvd Shrink save in .iso format and burn with ImgBurn.

“Image recorder”? :confused: I can’t find that option (and it sounds like that’s what they are doing already). Do you mean ISO or DVD Files?