Dvd shrink problem

I have used dvd shrink 3.2 for several weeks with no problem
today I tried to burn dvd of movie I had burned the day before and now it starts and then stops after a few seconds with message
“a device attached to system is not working”
reloaded dvd shrink but still same message
Help! Thanks

What has that got to do with dvd shrink? Or anything for that matter? LOL your post (is it even a question?) is not very clear at all.
DVD shrink doesn’t burn dvds itself.

@boobytrap: This is the Newbie forum, in case you didn’t notice. There is absolutely no need for criticism like that, nor in that tone :cop:.

You may be a senior member, but your post contributes nothing helpful whatsoever and if you don’t feel able to say something positive then please stay elsewhere in the forum.

@busdriver50: Sorry about that. Is your device perhaps an external drive attached by USB or FireWire?

Let me start over with problem
I burned a copy of Ice Age my wife bought this past week. I used DVDFab Decrypt and then used used DVD shrink to and Nero to burn to blank dvd. It worked perfect. My grandchild somehow scratched the disk so I was in process of burning a new copy. I already had it on my computer so I opened DVDshrink and went to backup.It started to encode and then it stopped and gave message of a device attached to system is not working. This is an enternal dvd drive, no external drives hooked to computer. I hope this helps since you can tell I need help with this. Thanks again.

OK… that’s pretty clear now, except for the bit where you say you “had it already on your computer”. Do you mean the output from DVDFab, or from DVD Shrink…?

Also, can you identify which program gave the error message: DVD Shrink or Nero. If Nero, do you have a log file that you could post?

I have the output from DVDFab saved on computer drive and message comes up when using DVD shrink after opening backup it starts to decode and within 10 to 20 seconds message pops up.
If this help it also has a message of
DVD Shrink encountered error andcannot continue
Failed to write to
C:\Ice age\VTS_01_1.VOB

Is the output from DVDFab saved as an ISO file, or DVD folders (labelled 'Video_TS)?

I’m wondering if you’d get better help over on the DVDFab subforum we have here. I can transfer this thread if you wish…

they are saved as Video_TS

Hmmm… did you choose different locations for the output of DVD Shrink? It sounds like it’s trying to write back to the same file.

no, but I will try it Thanks

tried saving output shrink files to new folder and same error occurs

Have you done disk error checking / fixing? Cleared out your TEMP folders? Made sure there is enough space on the disk for temp files when burning?

Perhaps do all that, delete the ripped VIDEO_TS folder and try ripping it once more with DVDFab Decrypter? Maybe a file got corrupt?