DVD Shrink problem

When I first got DVD Shrink, which was probably a couple of weeks ago, It used to rip and compress the DVDs in like 30 minutes, but like a couple days after I got it, it started slowing down and it would take about 1 hour and 30 minutes for the whole process and it still does take that long. it rips/ compresses the DVDs at like around 1000-1250 kb/s, it used to rip/compress at around 4000-5000 or higher kb/s.

The DVD writer im using is the LG GSA-4163B

This sometimes depends on the drive and the disc you have, in many cases when the disc is dirty or heavily scratched.

I recently got the drive about 2 weeks ago, and the disc are pretty clean

Do you’ve maybe some other discs except these ones which are takin longer time, for example these ones which you’ve already used and workin fine, just to test it?

That’s about the normal time for a rip and compress in Shrink depending on what settings you use. Were you ripping from recordable discs two weeks ago? If yes, these discs are much faster to copy because there’s no encryption and they are mostly single layer rather than dual layer discs. You can also read your own discs usually faster than commercially pressed discs, although I don’t have a Lite-On drive to be sure on that score.

I’m going to guess that the first couple discs you ripped were single-layer. They take almost no time at all.

Have you ascertained that it is not a DMA/PIO problem? If you reconfig. hard drives (depending on your OS), it will reconfigure magically at times…

Might want to check that out!