Dvd shrink problem



after i did a deep analysis and tried to encode it says current dvd is too big. you may not be able to burn the resulting files.try disabling audio streams. but i have only 1 audio stream ac3 -2 ch. what happens if i remove that? is it the audio of the movie?


How are you trying to compress the movie… I use a combo of DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink and never have problems. You may want to take this issue to a differnt forum. I don’t think it is related to the BenQ drive.


Wrong forum.


using shrink to compress the movie - compression ratio = 59.3% - not letting me do it.
it is 2hours:57minutes movie.
I have only 1 audio stream ac3 -2 ch. what happens if i remove that? is it the audio of the movie?


Try using the re-author part of DVD Shrink, you shouldn’t have any problems. The just drop and drag to the left and you should be good to go.


tried that too but its the same. the main movie is still too long and shrink gives the same message.


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It happens once a a GREAT while. I don’t really understand why either. When it does, I use the start/end sliders and make 2 DVD’s out of the original movie. I’ve seen this mostly on stuff with lots of menus etc. (and they get wiped out - using my method). In my case, I’ve always gotten a warning durning the initial quick scan, and the DVD’s had far too many audio tracks.

Yes, in your case that (ac3 -2 ch) is the audio for the movie and you need it.


Shrink compression algorithm can only shrink by a certain amount. If the DVD can’t fit then, it could be re-shunk a second time. It would be best to use Deep Analysis and AEC both times to increase quality.

If the menus are big in full disc mode. Menushrink can be used to turn full motion video menus into stills (and keep the menu buttons). This can save several hundreds of MB or even 1GB of menus on some DVD’s.



This question has been asked and answered many times, an FAQ for stuff like this might be a good idea.


Or go to the DVD Shrink Forums as there are many FAQ’s there.

DVD Shrink FAQ/Knowledgebase


what is aec?
no the menus are not the problem. the main movie is too big. and after reuthoring it comes to 4.86 gb and that is too big for a dvd disk of 4.46 gb.


AEC - Adaptive Errror Compensation. Improves quality at high compression.

I didn;t know you had reauthored so reducing menus still would give some space back. So it would make the files fit on a DVD when using the same compression for the movie. If you were over 200MB and the movie was at 70%. You could get the 200MB back by multishrink and keep the movie at 70%.

As you reauthored. The only way is to shrink a second time. Doing AEC and Deep Analysis for both shrinking sessions would keep the quality as high as possible.


I am sorry I don’t undersatnd what you are saying.
Where is aec in the shrink?
after deep analysis and reauthoring and even taking the titles out, the movie comes to 4716 gb. and even that is too big to fit on a 4.36gb dvd disk.
how do i reshrink the movie again?
tell me the steps.


You shrink once to 4716MB which you have done. You do this to a directory on the hard disk. You then load the 4716MB of files back into DVD Shrink and shrink a second time so it fits on a DVD.

AEC is in Quality Settings tab in the backup screen when you click the backup icon. Select the default sharp one.


ok i did deep analysis once then in reauthoring i added only the main movie to the left - thats all i did and when i tried to make a backup it gave me that movie was too big. i then deleted the titles and thats all and its still too big. the size being 4716gb.
Does reauthoring mean i shrinked it?
I dont know how to copy that 4716 gb movie to hard drive. how do i do that?


You need some guidance as you don’t seem to know how to use Shrink.

Once you drag the title over to the left you need to back it up (shrink). Select backup and choose a directory to back up to. Then click on Deep Analysis and AEC Sharp. Then back up. Once done, go load the shrinked files from the the directory back into Shrink and repeat.

Have a look at this re-author guide.


Also DVD Shrink for Dummies.



can I backup even though it says - “current dvd is too big. you may not be able to burn the resulting files.”




Yes you can. It must be to the hard disk and not to a DVD.