Dvd shrink problem



Can Someone Help Me? I Am Using Dvd Shrink To Shrink A Movie But In The Middle On Encodeing It My Computer Just Shuts Down. Does Anyone Know If I Have Some Settings Wrong Or It Is Conflicting With Another Program. I Have Clonedvd And Nero And Am Using Dvd43. Please Help Frustrating Me!!! Also When It Comes Back On It Doesnt Read Either Of My Drives?

  1. a) make sure mainboard chipset drivers and BIOS firmware are up to date. make sure all cables and jumpers connected to drives are correctly configured with regard to master/slave setup. b) remove junk files from your hard drive/s. also remove useless entries from the registry. try hdcleaner @ http://home.tiscali.de/zdata/hdcleaner_e.htm
    mru-blaster @ http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/mrublaster.html
    regseeker @ http://www.hoverdesk.net/freeware.htm c) know what programs & services are schedulded to run at startup; you should eliminate ALL the uneeded ones using Startup Control Panel @ http://www.snapfiles.com/get/startupcpl.html + services.msc [as mentioned above]

  2. enter your BIOS and disable anything you don’t use. eg. i disable COM ports, serial ports, game ports etc. also the parallel port because i use a USB printer. note that if it’s an external USB drive that is giving you grief, some BIOS options include a USB voltage setting. set it to HIGH and see if this helps. also be sure you have it plugged-in to a usb 2 port, not a 1.1 usb port. DON’T plug it into the usb port where a usb mouse normally plugs into. also, if the external case has an IEEE 1394/Firewire option, try it instead.
    set memory speeds to default. set cpu speed to default. if you overclock, DON’T [ until you are certain that overclocking is not the cause of the trouble ].