DVD Shrink Problem

I have been trying to use DVD Shrink to burn dvds. I have read all the guides on this software and encountered a problem. The software decrypts the dvds fine but when I install a blank dvd for burning it tells me it burning has failed. It will give me this message right after the lead in phase of burning.
I have the newest version of dvd shrink and the newest version of Nero also. What could this problem be? My burner is a Benq DW-800A.
Any help is appreciated.

what kind of media are you using?

I am using Memorex dvd+r media. I am also burning at 2x speed. The dvds can handle 4x

instead of trying to burn directly to a dvd, make an iso instead. then burn the iso using nero

i would first make sure firmware is updated on burner

if that doesn’t help then i would try different brand of media
Memorex is junk anyway