Dvd shrink problem

in preferences where you set up the programe after stream selections i have another seting to do it is called FILE I/O but on the dvd shrink web site it does not tell you those settings does anyone know them or where to find them because my backed up copies keep freezing not sure if its media because some have played first time but not second please if anyone can help with both file I/O settings and backed up copy keeps freezing

try dvd rebuilder, or if you are too impatient , try dvd2oneā€¦or clonedvd. that will eliminate dvdshrink from problem solving

Can not copy DVD,Querry does not have a valid CSS key, what and were is the CSS key and how do I set it

[QUOTE=aussiewien]Can not copy DVD,Querry receive,sector does not have a valid CSS key,what is a CSS key??? ,where does one find it and how to use this key,help a bigginer .