DVD Shrink Preview Hoizontally Compressed



Hi again!

I’m trying to back up my DVD of “Days of Heaven.”

The movie plays on my TV in letter-boxed wide screen format.

But in the DVDShrink preview window, it displays compressed to a nearly square format, so everything in the picture looks tall and skinny.

I don’t want to proceed until I can be sure the back up disc will play properly on my DVD player.

I’m using the “re-author” option in DVDShrink, because I like to remove the menus and other junk from the beginning of the movie. I like the movie to just begin at the beginning when I put it into the player.

Any idea on why the preview displays in compressed format in DVDShrink?


I’ve never known DVDShrink to change the aspect ratio of the movie as it compresses.

The preview may simply have a glitch. Development on DVDShrink stopped rather abruptly about 6 years ago and there are a few unresolved bugs in the program, but very, very few of them will ever affect the average user.