DVD shrink possible problem

Right before I start encoding a dvd using DVD Shrink (with AnyDVD) under the Backup DVD menu in Target device “space available in folder” keeps fluctuating literally every second (usually about 10MB). It never used to do that…it was always a set amount and stayed that amount. I have anti-virus disabled and nothing else running during this.

Any ideas?


You should try posting this on the Anydvd forum. more apt to get help there.

I would, but then I’d get crucified for double posting!

So try the Anydvd website, found here:
I dont usually recommend AD because its not free, but since you have it, you might as well get their support. i mean, like you paid about $50 for it, so get your money’s worth. :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=arif1979;1973195]I would, but then I’d get crucified for double posting![/QUOTE]

The solution is really simple :slight_smile:

Send a PM to one of the moderators of this forum asking to move the thread in another forum :wink: