HI i want to make copies of some dvds but they r too long for the discs i want to copy them onto.
been reading the forum + it seems dvd shrink + any dvd compresses the files to fit.
whats the difference between the 2 + where can i download the latest versions please ?

AnyDvd removes the copy protections from commercial DVDs.
DVDShrink transcodes DVD files, so that a DVD that is too large for a SL disc will fit on it. (some quality loss in return for the smaller size)
Generally AnyDVD is used to help get the DVD on your PCs hard drive, then DVDShrink is applied to the unencrypted DVD on your hard drive to make it small enought to fit on the SL disc.
Just click the autolinks in these posts to find the software downloads.


For what you would pay for AnyDVD - get DVDFab Gold and you have the best of both worlds-eh!!

Or better yet DVDFAB Platinum either plat or gold will rip shrink (if needed) and burn all in 1 click, no need for several programs

dvdfab gold or platinum - will this programme def do everything :
compress, decode + burn as well .

DVDFab has a trial version.After a certain amount of days you have to purchase it or it goes to the limited free version.
It is supposed to do it all but I only have the free version myself.
Instead I have AnyDVD & CloneDVD2 They have done well for me most of the time.
Both ocassionally have problems with certain movies .Usually that gets corrected with an update.
Some have had some compatibility problems with DVDFab5 which is the new version of platinium & gold.
Both softwares have went to time limited updates.
Both used to come with lifetime free updates & people that bought the programs then are still covered with lifetime updates.
Now you will have to pay a renewal fee to continue to receive updates.
DVDShrink would not be needed with DVDFAB5 or the combination of AnyDVD & CloneDVD2.

Which one would u recommend for a newbie like me , i would probably only do about 10 dvds in a year.How long does the free trial last.
fabplat- $49 us
fabgold$39 us
any dvd $ ?
dvd shrink$ ?
any other combinations ?
i have a free dvd burning programme already i downloaded from cnet.
which one would be the cheapest option for me please

Well once you get your DVD unencrypted you’d be hard pressed to find a better shrinking app than the free DVD-Rebuilder using HCenc.


I think i,m gonna go with dvdfab platinum $49 . Has anyone got this lately + is the $49 for 1 year or for a lifetime with free updates .

You might try asking this in the DVDFAB Forum as I’m not sure as I have had FAB Platinum for a longtime and get free lifetime updates. Anyway you have made a good choice as it is updated more often than any program out there and it is truely a 1 click operation. The free trial is 30 days and it is a full working trial