DVD Shrink only completing 87% when burning dual layer to single layer-HELP pls?

Hi all
I have read through various forums/posts but cannot find a solution to my problem. Hopefully someone here can help so here goes…

I have a Philips single layer DVD re-writer, using DVD Shrink 3.2, NERO 6 and various branded single layer DVDs.
I have burned single layer DVD’s before, using the above software/hardware, without any problems. But when I try to burn dual layer DVDs onto single layer DVD it’s only completing around 87% of the burn process and then the DVD writer groans for a while and then the message ‘Burning did not complete successfully’ pops up. DVD Shrink, from what I can see, is managing to shrink all the data to fit on a single DVD. It’s just the burn process that is failing. I thought it may be some rubbish DVD media thats causing the problem but even DataSafe and Philips blank media is not working.

I’m completely clueless to why this is not burning properly. As I say buring single layer to single layer is fine but dual layer to single is only completing around 87% each time and thus resulting in the DVD is not being read in the DVD player. Can anyone help please??? Thanks.

Try setting DVDShrink to output as an ISO, but not burn. Then burn to a disk with ImgBurn…a free burning program highly recommended around here. www.imgburn.com

When you open ImgBurn, click Write Image File to Disk, then navigate to where you put the ISO from DVDShrink.

Burn at less than top speed. If your disks are 16x, try one at 8x.
Buy better media. We recommend Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden (TY is found online at rima.com, supermediastore.com and a few others).

Hi Kerry56
Thank you for your reply. I am trying your suggestion as I type this. Fingers crossed.

Ok still having problems. The story so far…
I used DVD Shrink 3.2 to copy a dual layer DVD to an ISO image. I then used NERO and IMGBURN (on seperate occasions) to burn the ISO image to a blank DVD. On both occasions the burning process failed at around 85% completed.
I still haven’t a clue why I am unable to burn a dual layer DVD to a single layer DVD.
Has anyone any ideas to my problem?
Does anyone know of what software and procedure to follow to actually copy/burn a dual layer DVD to a single layer blank DVD???
Thanks in advance.

Post your burn log(s)…And you didn’t try the recommended Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media, did ya?..

Finally solved. I got some better quality blank DVD media and it fully burns now. You know lesser quality blank DVD media shouldn’t be allowed on the market if it’s not going to work.
Thanks to you both for replying to my post.