DVD Shrink - One click = analyse, encode, record?

Well, I was just wondering if there is a way to setup DVD Shrink to do deep analysis, encode, and record with just one click… so I can leave it at night and go to bed :slight_smile:

unfortunately, nothing like this exists for dvdshrink (at least as far as i know). one of the things i never liked about dvdshrink was that you had to do deep analysis before adjusting your dvd layout, and then you still had to go through the actual transcoding, making it a two step process that you had to come back in the middle for. other transcoders do all of their analysis and transcoding in one step, and some even burn the dvd for you afterward.

I am not sure about u guys but for me, I just click the backup ajusted the control and it analysis, encode and burn with out me have to click ok or anyother thing like that. I ues dvd decrpt to burn, i just click burn after finnish and there it is.

are you sure that you are getting a deep analysis by doing it that way. It would really help if that is the case, for I really hate it to have to come just to press a buuton in the middle of the process.