DVD Shrink on its last legs?

It seems like every 5 dvds I try to backup lately dvdshrink cant even find main movie anymore. Last few dvds I bought Dark Water, Brothers Grimm, Gansokutsou, etc.
What exactly are these studios doing that overrides shrink?
I guess I need to find another program soon if want keep backing up all new releases :slight_smile:

Shrink won’t do Dark Water? Worked fine for me, region 2. Guess the copy protection must be different in different regions!

Mind you, Shrink tripped up on The Descent (again, region 2) - had to use DVDFab Decrypter for that :slight_smile:

Shrink won’t do DVD’s with Arcoss protection. Dark Water and Brother Grimm have it.

The best way is to use the Mad Monk Arcoss Pgcedit plugin (also needs DVD Decrypter).


Once the DVD is processed through this. It can be loaded into Shrink.

Another alternative is to use AnyDVD in the backgound. However, it has be updated to do certain DVD’s. The Pgcedit plugin will do present and future Arcoss DVD’s.

Didn’t know DW was Arccos protected, interesting. Guess I’ll be testing my backup a little sooner than planned, even though Shrink reported no errors!

You didn’t say what region you’re in so your claim that those discs have Arccos doesn’t really mean anything.

if you’re R1, Brother’s Grimm is ripguard protected.

Of course it means something.

I am in R2. However, it is the R1 versions that are protected (and most people will have that). That plugin will rip all of the protected DVD’s.

Also, there is now a increasing trend that R2 versions is also Arcoss when the R1 is. I don’t have Dark Water (crap film) but, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is also Arcoss.

The plugin will also do Brother’s Grimm

If a DVD does not have any more protection, it will say so.

Thanks for links and info. I still dont quite get why shrink does that as DD has always ripped arcoss dvds just fine for over year now and dvd2one seems to process them afterwards when shrink cant. Now that I know that I guess I have new combo until shrink cant any longer.

Arcoss is different for each DVD. As DVD Decrypter is no longer updated, it cannot handle the new Arcoss DVD’s.

The plugin examines a failed rip from DVD Decrypter and shows where it needs to correct itself. DVD Decrypter can then carry on and rip the failed bit with the Arcoss (usually in VTS_1_01.VOB).

Decryption aside, I’m still baffled why people continue to use DVD Shrink. It’s so outdated. You realise that Nero Recode 2 is basically just the updated version. To solve the ARccOS problem all you have to do is rip with another program such as DVDFab Decrypter or install AnyDVD.

Guess what, we’re baffled by ppl who download crappy Nero bloatware just to encode a bit faster to the same quality Shrink does.

I’m still baffled that people haven’t learned how to rip the movie FIRST before trying to process it using Shrink. :wink:

I searched and read in this forum and others before attempting to burn a DVD.
In particular I found the tutorial on doom9’s site instructive and never looked back. :bigsmile:
My first burner was a Yamaha 16/4/16 I think which gave me an insight to burning although only on cd’s.
We were all newbie’s once and I suppose that we learned by our mistakes and profited from others who posted guides to the various pieces of software we use today.
Long may the writers of the guides reign. :bow: :bow: :bow:


It’s very simple. Here, I’ll write a guide:

Step 1: Rip the DVD to your hard drive.

Step 2: Run DVD Shrink.



Ok, look. The problem is that DVD Shrink hasn’t been updated since 2004, and a lot of protections have come out in that time. It won’t do ANY protected discs. That’s all. Very simple little problem really. Every couple of weeks someone comes in here going “OMFG DVD SHRINK IS DOOMED!” when in reality it’s still pretty much the best transcoder available. You just have to rip the files first.

Now, my step one up above… two easy ways here. First is install AnyDVD. Then just drag-n-drop the files to your hard drive. Simple. Just pull the whole VIDEO_TS folder over to your desktop and away you go.

The second is to run DVDFab Decrypter.

The third way is far from easy. Some people who seem to like hurting themselves insist on using PML file plugins for DVD Decrypter. shrug their misery. :wink:

…And some of us are far too lazy to do that anyway (including me) :bigsmile:

You’re right, ripping to the HDD with DVDFab Decrypter first does the trick (see above re: “The Descent”).

I settle for that way and rip DVD’s before DVDFAB and AnyDVD can do it. It is very easy and just needs to follow onscreen instruction using the PSL plugin. I will expect Stealth R2 (UK) to have Arcoss. From past experience, the Arcoss will be different to other R2 Steath DVD’s already released. So, DVDFAB and AnyDVD will not work until they are updated. I can create a PSL file myself in about 5 minutes that will work.

If someone wants to wait until other programs can handle it then fine but, I like the DVD Decrypter method.

Also, Nero Recode is about 20% faster than Shrink but the ouput is the same quality. It’s 2 pass encoding is equal to Shrink’s AEC Sharp setting.

Unfortunately, installing Recode requires that you install the entire Nero Digital package, which includes the following BAD software:

Nero Showtime:

Yes, Nero! Please, give me another DirectShow player! It’s slower AND bulkier than Windows Media Player, yet offers no new functionality other than DVD’s… which, by happy coincidence, I have PowerDVD or WinDVD to play! This program also, should you be foolish enough to run it, steals associations for all known filetypes. ARGH!

Nero Codecs:

Nero, in their wisdom, have included a bunch of codecs… to render what other free codecs render BETTER! And yet, also in their wisdom, they register THEIR codecs with the highest priority possible! WHY OH WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME, NERO? I don’t need a new codec to render XVID, since I have the XVID codec installed. I don’t need a new codec to render DIVX, since I have the DIVX codec installed. The fact that XVID and DIVX both register their codecs at priority of 8, but Nero registers its codecs with a priority of FFFF, is ridiculous in the extreme.

And there’s NO WAY to just install Recode. If there were, I’d use it.

I don’t, I use DVD Rebuilder, which is far superior to both DVD Shrink and Nero Recode 2 if you have a decent PC.

I thought this changed in Nero 7 which allowed you select which components to install, I can’t really remember though.

Far superior, my ass. It can produce better quality but it all depends on bitrate. If your original has enough bitrate you can just as easily rip with Shrink and won’t see a difference even on large screens. But of course you can provide us with some comparison screenshots convinced as you sound?


Most DVD’s can have to 30%-40% compression and it will look just like DVD-RB. I am using a 80" screen as well. It is only when 50% compression is used where differences are noticeable.

Screenshot comparisons are flawed, a screenshot doesn’t tell you how the next frame is going to look compared to the last, and that’s where artifacts and inconsistencies are at their most noticable. A far better way to test is to compare a small section of video. Besides you’re even admitting yourself that DVD Shrink can only measure up against Rebuilder when dealing with DVDs that have a enough high bitrate to begin with.

Also, if you can’t tell the difference then fine continue to use what’s adequate for your own needs, but don’t be surprised that others are more discerning. I can say from personal experience that I and many other people can quite easily spot the difference between a backup made with DVD Shrink and one that’s been re-encoded - even on small screens. This blind test should confirm that nwg and yourself are in a minority of people that fail to spot the difference.