Dvd-shrink - not enough shrinkage



Couldn’t find this after an hour of searching, but here is my problem.

On 2 disks, out of lots…
I run dvd-shrink and then nero reports the dvd is too small.
Back at dvd-shrink it reports the automatic shrink at 57.8% and 4,743MB, and part of that is RED because the size of disk is 4,464MB.
When I go to custom ratio, I can’t move the slider bar to the left any further, just to the right, which makes the red / over capacity just get bigger. When I type in a number, it just gets re-set back to 57.8%

Is there anyway to set this % to say 50%.

I’d use cold water but I hear that isn’t good for the equipment (jk) :slight_smile:


Have you tried saving it as an ISO and then burning it with DVD Decrypter?
Other then that I would try different media. :slight_smile:


You cannot set the compression to 50% as the compression algorithm won’t alow you to. What you can do is shrink to the 57.8% anyway. Then open those files and shrink a second time until it fits.

To keep quality high. Do a deep analysis and choose AEC each time.


Did you keep the entire DVD-Video, or can you remove previews/extras/bonus and audio streams you do not need, like keep only one iof AC3/DTS, commentaries, languages, etc.

Also, can you compress other video more using Custom, and see if there is improvement.
Otherwise you can re-shrink the files, as suggested above. As for myself, I do not even botehr with deep analysis…


This is a tv commedy show that has
#1 - menu - video 3mb, audio 11mb
#2 - Main movie - title 1 thru 6, video 4,093MB, audio 206mb (+7 that are 0 mb), and subpicture 10mb (+31 that are 0mb)
#3 - Extras - title 7 thru 10 -91mb, audio 4mb, subpicture .16mb
#4 - Unreferenced Material - .03mb

I can make title 6 thru 10 a picture and burn that, and then make 1 thru 5 a picture and burn that, but would prefer to have 1 disk rather than 2.
There is no language track or anything else large enough that I can remove to get it to fit.

I have seen this once before, and that disk also had 32 subpicture all but 1 with 0mb. Don’t know if this is causing issues, but if I deselect them, it doesn’t gain me anything according to the red overstorage bar.

The 1’st time, it didn’t warn about the size, I didn’t see a red bar, and don’t think it was there until maybe after the deep annalysis. Now it is there, and warns me if I say backup and do I want to continue right at the start.

I’ve never done this, but I will create the ISO on disk, and then try to shrink that. If will be good if that works.

I always do Deep Annalysis, but don’t have the AEC checked


Shrink -> ISO and then shrink again -> disk

That did the trick, thanks :slight_smile:


Word thanks for this forum guys. I had a SAHARA dvd and couldnt get it to work right, was too big. I needed to return it to a friend, so I ripped the ISO so that I could try to use PGCedit on it to get it smaller so it would burn. Then I saw this forum and tried opening the ISO in DVDShrink and it was able to shrink it down enough this time. Thanks guys!


I’d be careful here. Even though you’re being thankful, you’re also telling us how you pirated a movie. :frowning:


I would recommend using Rebuilder for discs that require this amount of compression. I can’t even stand DVD Shrink on DVDs that to be compressed to 75% of their original size (although it depends on the original bitrate to some extent).


Well, actually I could be just backing up a DVD for my friend, which technically in my eyes is not illegal. I believe its the copying and redistributing part that makes it illegal.


Time to use a dl dvd!