DVD Shrink no longer seems to work

I have some movies I own which I have burned to my computer via DVD Fab. Now I want to back these up. I have been using DVD Shrink but I now get error messages.

Any thoughts or newer programs like DVD Shrink?



If you have ripped the movies to the hard drive using DVDFab, you should have removed the encryption. DVDShrink [B]should[/B] have no trouble working with them, but obviously you are having some problems.

One thing to try is to run the ripped dvd video through a free program called FixVTS, before trying to work with them in DVDShrink. You can find FixVTS here: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/FixVTS

What error message do you get in Shrink?

If you want to try a different program, try the free version of DVDRebuilder. It uses encoders rather than a transcoder like Shrink, and will produce higher quality output. It won’t work as quickly as Shrink. http://www.videohelp.com/tools/DVD_Rebuilder

Thanks. I will try those.

The message is that DVD shrink has encountered a problem and needs to close.

Where can I get a new version of DVD shrink?



Development of DVDShrink stopped in 2004. There is no new version.

Does the old one still work? Sad.



[QUOTE=smorton;2564525]Does the old one still work? Sad.



It still works but can’t cope with protections introduced since 2004 and these are quite common now.

You can still rip with DVDFab though and process with DVDShrink but again DVDShrink can have problems with certain discs.

In these circumstances you can use FixVTS to process the ripped files and produce compliant files that DVDShrink can handle.


Thank you kindly.


Im still using DVDSHRINK and DVDDECRYPTER to do over 90% of my movies. It is rare that I find one that won’t work.

Yeah that’ll still work fine for a lot of titles but for recent movies the incidence of more sophisticated copy protection is becoming a lot more frequent.

I suppose it depends on what your viewing habits are. :slight_smile: