DVD SHRINK - New PNY Verto GeForce 6600GT causing slow PC

I’m not sure why this is, but i recently had to toss my ATI All In Wonder card, and replaced it with a PNY nvidia GeForce 6600gt AGP card.

This may be purely coincidental, but since replacement of the card, my system is dog slow while using DVD shrink!! It is driving me up the wall, as I used to just be able to copy dvd’s and go about my merry business using my computer, but now it takes about 25 minutes to encode/rip the DVD, and while it’s doing it, my system is a dog.

CPU Usage is at 55-60% while encoding, AND while buring the disc. I notice the majority of the load is carried on the left side cpu, but about 10-20% of it is on the right side cpu (hyper threaded, not real cpu of course). CPU temperature, and system temperature are at 45c…

The info:

Motherboard: MSI Pro MS-6728 (Intel chipset)
CPU: Intel P4-2.8GHZ w/ hyper-threading enabled in BIOS
RAM: 1 gig DDR Dual Channel
Hard drive: Western Digital Raptor 36gig, 10krpm, SATA
OS: Windows XP Pro w/ service pack 2
DVD Burner: Lite On LDW-411S
CD Burner: TDK
Sound cards: SB Audigy MP3 USB external, and SB Audigy internal (drivers not currently loaded for the internal one… I’m lazy, and like the external one better anyway!)

Other Info:

-Ran windows update, all software updates are installed…

-I did not have the ATI software installed, so there was none of that to conflict with the new video card…

-I checked in the BIOS to make sure that HT was enabled

-I flashed the BIOS to the newest one from MSI’s web site

-I updated the motherboard chipset drivers with the latest from MSI’s site

-I updated the PNY Video card drivers with the latest from PNY’s site

Does anyone have any clue what’s causing this, or is system slowness an issue with DVD Shrink?

My laptop does have this same issue, because it’s a Centrino, with no hyper threading… But I would expect my desktop with the P4 hyper threading to allow me to go about my merry business while copying dvd’s. It’s so wierd that a new video card would cause this issue!

Hey, I dunno what the deal with that is. You can see the system in my signature is exactly what I run shrink on, and I can do stuff while encoding with shrink. I also have NO HYPERTHREADING The only way I could think of to fix it would be to run driver cleaner, make sure you get the ATI driver remnants out of your puter, and reinstall some drivers. Do driver cleaner in safe mode, then restart and install your drivers. Start with the latest INF update from intel, then install DX9c again (driver cleaner screws up DX9). Finally install the latest WHQL drivers for your card. That’s how I installed my 6600GT, but I didn’t have an ATI card before. All I can say is try it, and see what happens. For some reason, installing the INF update sometimes puts the drives in PIO mode, make sure they’re in DMA mode. That would cause your system to bog down like that, PIO mode SUX! Good luck, hope that helps! :iagree:

Drive is in DMA mode… :wink: I will try the driver cleaner, where do i get that at?

One more thing, I did a test tonight…

-Rip using DVD Decrypter instead of DVD Shrink
-Burn directly in NERO

both processes only use 3-6% cpu, system performs great! Only took 5 minutes to rip a 3 gig dvd to the hard drive!!!

Unfortunately, this is not a viable solution since most commercial dvd’s are dual layer and exceed the 4.7 gigs!

the problem you’re having is certainly not directly related to the video card, but maybe some kind of system conflict was created when you switched cards. i’m assuming that this is a driver problem as well. did you completely uninstall your previous video card drivers before installing the new video card?

Try using cat uninstaller to get rid of all ati cat drivers.


I do not think it’s the Particular GeForce 6xxx series — caz I use GeForce 6800 GS … I think the problem came from a NEW unify GeForce Driver (the latest one that called Nvidia ForceWare — right after I install 93.71 ForceWare … I can not use DVD Shrink since my computer is slow like a snail!