DVD Shrink & Nero

I am new to posting on this site so this is my first post. I use DVD Shrink 3.2 & Nero 6 for movie backups. I had to reinstall these programs and now DVD Shrink will not automaticly burn my DVD during backup using Nero. What am I missing?

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Have you set Nero as the burning engine in the DVD Shrink options?

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Some versions of nero are not working with shrink.

However, the better solution is to save your shrinked backups as ISO file and then burn the ISO with ImgBurn or any burning software :slight_smile:

However, have you checked Shrink preferences?

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Thank you. I thought it was something easy I was missing. Is it worth it to upgrade to Nero 7?

In my personal opinion, no.

Imgburn (that it’s free) has all the burning (and actually much more) features I need :slight_smile:

Did you reinstall Dvd Shrink after you reinstalled Nero? BTW I agree with geno888 above, ImgBurn is a great free option.

Well I own Nero already so it is no biggie. I was just wondering whether the new upgrade is worth while.

As I said, nero has too much (useless in my opinion) features, but I don’t have nero7, so I can’t test in my machine if it works correctly with Shrink.

I still prefer, however, to save an ISO file first and then burn the ISO :slight_smile:

There was a version of DVDShrink that could automatically choose ImgBurn instead of Nero or DVDDecrypter. I have that version, but I don’t know of a link to it now that Digital Digest has been forced to avoid decryption topics.

Anyone know of a link to it? It would help for those who like the automatic burning option in Shrink.

And to answer cutlas about Nero 7. Its ok now, though there were lots of bugs in the first few versions. It works most of the time as well as the best versions of Nero 6. I’ve just moved on to ImgBurn for most of my video burning.

You don’t have to upgrade to Nero7 to have it complelement wtih DVDShrink, any version of Nero will do the job.

I got it fixed. I had to re-install DVD Shrink with the latest version shown on here. Works great now.
Thank you.