DVD Shrink / Nero Question

Hey all,

I am using the OEM version of Nero 6, and I’m wondering how to set the default burn speed to 4X when I use DVD Shrink. At the present time, the program detects the media and burns as fast as it will allow. I would prefer to burn everything at 4x for reliability sake.



P.S. I’m using an NEC2500A

nero remembers your settings from the previous time you used it, i think
try setting the speed as default to 4X in the options menu in nero
and see if dvd shrink picks it up

Thanks for the reply. The OEM Nero (Nero Express) doesn’t have an options menu. There’s a program called “drivespeed” that comes with it, but that appears to only vary the reading speed, not the writing speed.


Whenever I use DVD shrink and Nero Express I simply stop when Shrink is finished ( making a note of where Shrink has stored the movie files) and then load Nero Express- then DVD Video files - add all the files which DVD shrink made … and eventually set burning speed at 4X.

Have you tried using Nero Recode instead of Shrink ?