Dvd shrink/nero problem

I’m in the middle of copying my dvd collection. This past week I have tried to copy several new and old movies but nothing works. first I use dvd shrink and have it set to automatically burn after encoding with nero. everything goes as usual. analysing,encoding,and burning. The problem is when I go to playback the dvd. I get the movie previews then it goes to halfway or 3/4 into the movie and then repeats scenes like its on a loop. What could my problem be. Im a newbie so please be patient with responses. thanks for any help

Some media does not work well with some players.
What media are you using. I suggest Verbatim.
Also, do movies play OK in your PC.

Didnt check if they played in computer. They did however play in dvd player. It’s just they skip to the middle of the movie. I am using maxell disc. Have used them for all of my backups so far and never had a problem. It seems as if files get misplaces or something during one of the processes. I just dont know which or how to fix.

Try using some new media like verbatim and see what happens
You might also want to try another app, such as DVDfabHDDecrypter or Ripit4me. Both apps are free.
Fab can be gotten here: http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm
Ripit4me was available at Major Geeks, last I checked