Dvd shrink/nero blurry video



Hi Gang,
Just registered ,site looks cool.So here we go:
I have DVD Shrink (latest update) and DVD decrypter along w/ Nero 6 on my PC -P2 266 Ati 9000 card, this machine is pushed alot and still does a respectful job !
I copied Blue Man Group Live dvd , a very crisp dvd, upon playback I notice some overall blurriness to the video when compared to the original.
I used only default settings as I am new to the video world.
Is there settings to keep the sharp-ness intact upon copying, burning?


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A copy will never be as good as the original, and if original is bad than the copy will be even worse.
You can give it a try with Analysis mode. Don’t think it will improve that much, but anyway. DVD Shrink guide.

BTW, running this kind’a tasks on a PII-266 'puter is not recommended in first place.


Thanks for the Welcome, Pinto,

I have read many reviews stating “couldn’t tell the difference” etc.
The source disc: Blue Man Group looks great and sharp when viewed.
So I don’t think it is that unless it is something in the quality of disc itself?
Understood that my pc is ancient. Could this also be a cause of blurry video?
Trying to track it down so I don’t waste media. I am currently building a much better machine( dual core, etc). So this is a kinda experiment to get to know the software.But until then it’s all I got.



No, the speed of your computer will only make the time it takes for the conversion to increase, it will have no effect on quality.

When using DVD Shrink, for better quality you should use ‘Deep Analysis’ before converting. For further adjustment, you can use ‘AEC’ (Adaptive Error Correction), which has ‘sharp’, ‘smooth’, etc. Max sharp will take the least amount of additional conversion time, while max smooth will take the longest. The descriptions are deceiving, as ‘sharp’ is not necessarily the best choice for sharpness. Basically, for less compression such as 75% or higher, use ‘sharp’. For heavier compression such as below 70%, try ‘smooth’ or max smooth if it is very high such as 60% or lower. Also, you can adjust the compression for each title on the disc to give the best quality to whatever you want, such as applying less compression to the movie itself and heavier compression, still frames, or a still image for certain extras on the disc. You can also leave more space for the main movie by removing some of the audio tracks if you don’t want them, such as foreign language tracks, director’s comments, 5.1 or 2.0 track, etc. You can also remove the subtitles to give a little extra space.

Read the guides out there such as what was linked above and try making adjustments to each of the titles on the disc. If you don’t care about the extras or menus, you can even backup the movie and nothing else, just read the guides.


It’s likely because of using DVD Shrink. It performs pretty poorly at heavy compressions. A DVD like that might also have an LPCM audio track, which is uncompressed, and could take up a majority of the disc, causing the video to need to be compressed even more, since DVD Shrink won’t touch the LPCM track to do something useful like re-encode it to AC3.


Great Info Guys,
I will do some homework studying the guide and try burning w/ different settings, it may take a few dvd-r’s to get it right.
BTW I have a NEC 3450 which can burn DL and pretty much anything else (latest Frmware in it).
Thanks Again.