DVD Shrink Multiple Copies?


I’m using the latest version of DVD Shrink with Nero. When I want to burn the same thing again, it has to go through the whole encoding process again, how can I set it to just reburn it the amount of times I need?


Once you have the first copy why not use a programme such as Sonic DVD deluxe and select disc copy?
I too use DVD Shrink with Nero, once you have a master copy making duplicates is easy.
Sonic takes about 20-25 minutes to copy a 3 hour DVD.

How can I just set it to repeat the burning process with a new disc?

:disagree: you cant make another like that unless u use dvd decrypter when its burn’t u can put in a blank and go burn straight away

When you use Shrink to copy a DVD & automatically burn it with Nero it leaves the ripped/converted files in a temporary directory. You can then use Nero to burn the next copy quite simply.

There is another way & that is to set shrink to create an image file & then burn that image with Imgburn or DVD decrypter. Keep on repeating this latter part of the process until you’ve got all the copied you need.

You must be running NTFS for this to work as your image will exceed 4gb.

Can you please walk me through how to do this in Nero. The way I was trying to reburn was opening the temp files in DVD Shrink again, but it re-encoded (which takes too long).

Thank you for the replies.

I just open up Nero Burning Rom. Tell it you want to create a NEW burn. Then, navigate to the directory on your hard drive where the rip from DVDShrink has been stored. (This is done on the right-hand side of the screen). Then, I select all of the DVD files on the right, all of the various VOBS and IFOs and BUP. Then, drag them all over to the left, and make certain you drop them into the Video_TS folder. You leave the Audio-TS folder blank.

Then, click on the “burn” icon, and voila!

Any guide to Nero Burning Rom will walk you through this step by step, including the help guide at Nero’s own web site.


I simply output as an ISO image and then burn myself with whatever I want (usually DVD Decrypter/ImgBurn). Burn as many times as you want and delete the ISO image when you have finished all of your burns.

Here is someone who is using their head!!!

Otherwise you can Burn Your DVD Movie with Nero 6 as many times as you want to.

Don’t I get any credit for this as I suggested it first :sad: :sad: