DVD Shrink messing with hardrive space?

I remember reaing somewhere a while ago that DVD SHrink might mess with your hardisk space. Well, I only have a 20GB Hardrive, and i have about 15GB to backup rip DVD’s there temporarily. I rip 3 then burn 3, then delete etc. I have been doing this for a while, and this time, I burned 3 then deleted, and they all delted properley. However, My hardrive only has 1GB free, whereas it should be around 14GB. I think this because of the DVD’s because I don’t play games on this hardrive or amnything, Just DVD’s. Any help?

Do not fear, DVD Shrink is not keeping space, you just forgot to delete all there is to delete. Look for directories with names of the DVD-Videos, also look for directories VIDEO_TS, also look for directories DVD-VIDEO, etc.
I suggest you run Search/Find on all the drives, based on files size greater than say 10MB, so you see where you need to delete.

Also, in case you have bad allocations, use the “check error” Tools in the drives properties.

In any case, it is good idea to defrag the partition from time to time.

if you have norton systemworks installed, empty the protected files in the recycle bin.