DVD Shrink making Copy of a Copy

I have found to DVD Shrink to work well with making a copy of an original DVD. But when I try to make a copy of that copy it won’t work, any ideas?
Thanks for the help

Once you’ve produced a DVD-R from the original DVD-9 using DVD Shrink, you should be able to copy the disc using Nero or similar.

There are several issues here:

  1. Your Shrink produced DVD is evidently playable but there may be errors in the burning that aren’t detectable until you try to copy it. Did you verify disc to ensure all the data could be read back? Your DVD burner may not work well with the media used to produce the copy.
  2. Your copy may have been damaged at some point in between production and 2nd generation copying.
  3. You may have changed media to reproduce the copy and the new media is giving you problems.

I’m being generalistic because your question is quite vague. It doesn’t specify what media you used for the first copy and the media you’re using for the second. Also you don’t say how it doesn’t work. Does it burn and then you can’t play it or are you having problems during burning?



I copied to a Memorex DVD both on the first copy and the second copy. The first copy played fine, but the second would not play and the drive could not recognize the DVD. I have not tried burning a second copy with Nero, but I will.
Is there a chance that DVD Shrink encodes something on the firstcopy disc that prevents it from being copied again?


Guys just thought you should know that we advocate only making a single backup for archival purposes and do not endorse or condone in any way copying of a copy. Since you mentioned an Original DVD I’m bringing this up.

MPAA obligation.

Thought I’d best leave that to someone in authoritah!! heh


I don’t mean to be smug, but… c’mon. “you only advocate making a single copy for backup purposes”? think about it. Once you make that first copy, you already stepped across that line. you copied a DVD. Now… you don’t condone copying the copy? This is only a backup of the backup, true? Let’s not get political in here, folks. We know what we stand for, and let’s not act like we’re something else. Be cool, folks. happy back-uping

the only way i found to make a copy of a copy with shrink is with older versions of the program, 3.13 works for sure.