DVD Shrink Lock up problem

Ive been using DVDFab HD decrypter and DVD shrink 3.2 to back up my movies for a while. For some reason starting just this week shrink will not work anymore.
I’ve tried 3 different movies(War, Revolver, Glory) and on every one of them when i hit the Backup button in shrink the program locks. I have to manually power off the computer to get it unlocked. This happens both from the disk, and if i rip it first with fab. I was able to use it last week and havent changed anything on my system since then. I’ve uninstalled shrink and deleted the app data files from the all users\app data file. Still happens. Anyone seen this before?

nevermind, figured it out, for somereason it was locking because i had a usb flash drive plugged in, removed it and tis working again.

Odd indeed.

Glad it’s working for you now.