DVD Shrink Latest Download?

You can download DVD Shrink English here:

(I just checked that the downloaded file is the correct one)

If Sony would jump on this scam, they might be able to recoup those massive losses in mini-disc sales.

Oh yeah.

Of course, if there’s a long-lost Nigerian prince that starts selling it, even Sony may not be able to top THAT scam. Like Adolf rants, “If I can’t trust a Nigerian prince, who can I trust?!!”

[QUOTE=hogger129;2677904]Yeah dude, DVDShrink is obsolete. You can get the DVD and Blu Ray copy parts of DVDFab for free. Does all the same things as DVDShrink. [/QUOTE]
First for DVDFab Copy even the “free after trial” will decrypt & rip much newer movie titles than DVDShrink . So in that way it is a superior program. You will have a lot of newer titles that you will have to rip with DVDFab even if you are going to reauthor them with DVDShrink.
Reauthor is what DVDShrink will do that DVDFab won’t. DVDFab doesn’t have a
" Set Start/End Frames" function like DVDShrink.

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2677908]You can download DVD Shrink English here [/QUOTE]
The link I posted above has this version except it burns with ImgBurn instead of DVDDecrypter.