Dvd shrink issues

hi there,

i use dvd shrink to make 1:1 copies of my dvds but recently i’ve been encounting a problem. during the end chapters of the copy it starts to freeze on playback?
i used to get this problem once out of every few copies but now it happens just about every time. i’ve tried to find out about it but so far i’ve got nothing.

please help me

what are your burning with ? nero ? are you overburning ? have you changed dvd media brand ? flashed the drive recently ?

Sounds like a media problem. What writer do you have and what type of dvd blanks are you using?

I found this is a common problem when using the the Automatic compression setting, If the Auto sugguests eg. 82% - Custom select 80% on the entire DVD disc file not just the final or you will get a complex mix disc.

Sounds like a media problem to me, too.