DVD Shrink Issues

DVD Shrink used to work fine for me, but is lately on the glitch. When I attempt to open video files from my hd with Shrink, Shrink identifies the files in it’s browse window, but when i select “open” I receive an error message saying DVD Shrink cannot find the files. I have consistently used DVD Decryptor to copy DVDs for archiving, but could the problem be between the two?

Anyone else seen this or have any suggestions? Thanks much.

Quite a few of the recent discs have pack header errors that will copy with decrypter and be unreadable with Shrink while readable with other programs such as CloneDVD. Sometimes AnyDVD is also needed. You might be running into this. Could be a good time to upgrade. Shrink and DvdDecrypter will just become more outdated over time.