DVD shrink issue

i am trying to copy a dvd, and when i try to open it up in dvd shrink it gives me and error message that says there is a problem with the dvd nagition something or other…i dont have the exact msg written down…i was wondering if anyone knew what the problem might be or if there is another program like dvd shrink thaqt will fit it to once disc and give me the ISO image, preferably free or trial, please and thanks


and now im trying to cpy another movie and it opened fine, and i deslected all the other lanuages i dont need or want and it got to about 3% encoding and then gave me an error about programming, saying the parameter is incorrect…so i dont know what that means either…if anyone knows anything that might help on either of these problems please let me know…thanks


Give us more info. Did you rip the dvd to the hard drive first. Try DVDFavdecryptor (free) then shrink. http://home.comcast.net/~bbmayo/backup%20with%20DVDFABDecrypter,Shrink,&Decrypter.pdf

well no, thats what i was trying to do was create the ISO image which gets put into a folder i created on the hard drive, then from there i use dvd decrypter…but there this one little scene thing lie apart from the movi that it cant get past when it tries to encode…if i do a re-author to avoid having that clip in there it says all menu functionality will cease and it will be like a video clip so thats no good…i will try dvdfabdecrypter

alright well, i had to bite the bullet and do just the movie to avoid that stupid little snippet of video at the beggining…everytime it tried to encrypt you could see it like a broken record just keep playing that 2 second clip over and over again…very strange…

any thoughts on the first problem though…still cant figure out the inability of dvd shrink to open that disc at all


Sounds like a bad original disc. It has happened to me before, sometime the manufacturing process produces flawed dvds. I would return the disc and try again. I once had a badly manufactured batch, returned the dvd 3 times with same results. You might try Isobuster as a last resort. Very good with unreadable discs.