DVD Shrink is updated again to - no changelog

I just posted the article DVD Shrink is updated again to - no changelog.

If you visit the DVD Shrink official site, you can easily see that there is a newer version out. What the changes are have not been listed. DVD Shrink is software to backup…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8816-DVD-Shrink-is-updated-again-to-3_2_0_15---no-changelog.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8816-DVD-Shrink-is-updated-again-to-3_2_0_15---no-changelog.html)

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DVD Shrink downloaded 2004-07-26 claims to be v3.2.0.15, too. Is this really a new(er) version?

Yes, I too downloaded my from Digital Digest on 040726 when it actually was announced everywhere ( incl all the DVDShink mirrors ) as I wonder if ppl ever check what’s being up-&-downloaded ?
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There is NO newer version everyone. :B It was always v3.2.0.15 from the start, in beta testing we went from RC1 version to final public release so quickly that dvdshrink simply forgot to change the version nunmber in the Gui at the time, this he corrected a day later. So if your version bears do not fret as you have the latest and ONLY public release which is indeed All clear now? :B
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all links to dvd shrink come up 404 not found.

I thought the guy who made DVD Shrink works on Nero’s Recode app now? In any case, Nero Suite’s Recode does exactly the same as DVD Shrink if not better, so if you’re looking for an updated DVD Shrink, that’s probably it.