DVD Shrink, Is There A Better Software?

It says that it has encounterd a problem. It then tells me that the parameter is incorrect. Dvd decrypter will ripp it, but won’t shink the size. What can i do to shrink it? I don’t understand what the parameter means? Is there a nother free software that will work and shrink it?


Use DVD Decrypter in ‘ISO Read’ mode to rip to an ISO file on your computer hard disk. Then mount this with DVD Shrink and off you go… :wink:

I have had problems with shrink saying the parameter is incorrect. Is there another free software?


I did what you said. It did not work.

How did it not work? If you want further help please at least post some error information.

DVD shrink is not more updated from a lot of time.

But it still works incredibly well. The only function that fail more often these days actually is the ripping function, but you can still use shrink to compress a movie to fit on a single layer disc.

The ripping part can still be done with other free tools, like RipIt4Me.

Simply rip with this free tool on your HDD, and then use dvd shrink to compress files, as already suggested …

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also can you please list the title that you’re having trouble ripping? it could be something that dvd decrypter isn’t fully decrypting. dvd decrypter has not been updated in over a year.

the new program ripit4me is quickly becoming a popular way to keep dvd decrypter alive. because it requires the use of fixvts, the outputfiles might be more likely to be acepted by dvd shrink.

After i ripped it with decryter. Went to the file and opened it with dvd shrink. It stated (failed to seek in file ISO file) It told me the same thing with the mds file.

Try to rip with dvd decrypter in file mode then. Probably you have your HDD formatted in FAT32

You think i did that on purpose? You never did answer my question anyway what the parameter error means to begin with!

it means there’s a problem with the files you’re trying to input.

which was why i asked what title you were trying to rip and recommended a more up to date ripper for you to use that may produce more compliant output files IF this is the problem.

the dvd title is rather important because it tells us if it’s something that may have a more recent protection on it. both pieces of software you’re using are FAR out of date so the problem could be a few different sources.

imkidd was right to merge the threads…both threads were regarding the same problem. were they posted by accident?

Without a screenshot or direct message quote, I don’t know what ‘parameter error’ means any more than you, which is why a different solution was suggested.

Perhaps you should try RipIt4Me as put forward by geno888 and reasonsnotrules

or dvd fab decrypter or anydvd or any decrypter program that’s recent so we can rule out crappy decryption methods as a cause of your issues.

I think that this error is due to a bad ripped disc.

Latest titles have some protection copy mechanisms that dvd shrink, being not more updated, can’t solve.

You need a good ripper, and with RipIt4Me you can still use dvd decrypter to rip the disc, but this tool also remove from ripped files all stuff that cause shrink to gone crazy.

also, it looks liek this isn’t the first time you’ve run into this “parameter incorrect” error. you asked about it a few months ago in this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=172948

the solution there is the same as we’re telling you now. use a ripper that isn’t out of date.

Yeh naughty naughty. But if you are true blue and it really doesn’t work. Use DVD Fab Decrypter and then use DVDShrink to read dvd folder. Works for me, but then again so does the dvd decrypter way.

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