Dvd shrink is slow?

i have used dvd shrink thousands of times, but lately it has become extremly slow, it is the only software that runs slow on my cpu, any sugestions? it literally takes 4-5 hours for it to back up a dvd that it used to back up in like at most an hours :doh: any help would be apprecitated

It would’ve helped if you’d given a bit more detail, eg; processor speed, system memory. But it sounds to me as though your “thousands” of previous runs were done without deep analysis and AEC, and now you’ve selected them, and that you have a slow-ish PC.

Just my 2¢ worth.


check to make sure DMA is enabled on whatever optical drives you use.

As reasonsnotrules said, check your status on dma.

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how do i check to see if the dma is enabled

Start, control pannel, system, hardware tab, device manager. Double click your ide controler and it will list them. double click them and check the dma setting. It should be use dma if avalable for windows drivers (make sure you do both drives on both channels). then do a burst rate test with cd speed to verify that it is actually running dam mode. It should have a burst rate of at least about 22MB/s. If it doesn’t, then check your bios setings to make sure dma is enabled and watch your startup screen to see if it reports dma or pio.

thanks man ill check it out