DVD Shrink Invalid DVD Navigation Structure

Hey Eveyone, been on CD Freaks for a while now but not been arround as ive not had any problems to report. The current problem is backing up Resident Evil : Apocalypse. All other DVD’s in my collection seem to have been backed up ok and in the last few days have backed up a number of films. Today however ive encountered the INVALID DVD NAVIGATION STRUCTURE error when trying to OPEN DVD. Im going to try some differnt software but as im familuar with as well as impressed by the results ive achieved with DVD Shrink i would prefer to stick with it. Can anyoe here cast some light on this error ?

You’ve run into Sony’s new ARcoSS protection for the first time.

Rip with the latest version of Dvd Decrypter first before using Dvd Shrink to compress.

hiya folks just a short note… if you have dvd 43 free you can rip the video-ts to a new folder and then use dvd shrink afterwards :slight_smile:

I downloaded the trial version of AnyDVD v. and it worked, I was able to back up the DVD with the new Sony Protection.

WOW friend u were right that ANYDVD worked awsome and it is great and helpful im glade that i got it because i have been useing dvd shrink a lot and i tryed to copy ghost rider and the error showed up so i got anydvd and it ripped the movie to the harddrive and i used dvd shrink to copy it to the dvd it really worked and thats thumbs up :clap: :bigsmile: