Dvd Shrink/Imgburn, No Iso

The last few times I used Shrink/Imgburn, the Imgburn did not receive an Iso. Went to my file where Shrink puts the Iso, nothing. Than, when I try a second time, Shrink indicates the file is there and do I want to over ride it. Never in the years I have used this great product has this happened. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It has happened on more than one copy using different movies.

James T. Durkin

Use DVDFabhd decrypter, create an iso, then use shrink and imgburn.

Are you saying that DVD Shrink save files on HDD but you can’t see these files? Did you try to do a reboot and check again if you can find files? Sometimes Windows explorer becomes crazy and a reboot can solve :slight_smile:

Depending on your OS and where you saved the ISO this thread may help: