DVD Shrink help

I just copied a DVD using DVD Shrink. Here’s what I do, after i stick the original DVD into the reader:

Open Disc
Deep Analysis
Burn w/ DVD Decrypter

I throw the copied DVD into the DVD Player, And the disc works great!
Only problem is, when I click play from the menu, it goes into interviews. I have to skip a few chapters just to get to the main movie. Anyone know what’s going on here and how I can fix it?

DVD Shrink is no longer updated. It may be having issue completely removing the protection scheme which could lead to navigation issues. Try updating to DVDFab HD Decrypter, it is free and continually updated to handle the newer copy protection schemes. You can then use DVD Shrink to compress the resulting files. I would also recommend switching to ImgBurn for burning the output to disk as development of DVD Decrypter has also been stopped.
Also if like to autoburn with DVD Shrink (I don’t, but some do) here is link for setting DVD Shrink to autoburn with ImgBurn.