DVD Shrink Help

Ok… I have been using DVD Shrink for a long time now, but today I was trying to burn a cd and I got this error when loading the file to Dvd Shrink:

  • DVD Shrink encountered anerror and connot continue.

Out of memory

not enough storage is available to process this command.

What does that mean? I have so much space on my computer. I never saw this before.

Any help would be great! Thanks

Burn a CD with DVD Shrink?

Well, you could try rebooting. Do error check / fix of the drives, dump your temp files / folders, use a different app to burn the disk maybe? ImgBurn or something?

Sorry I ment… DVD. But What does it mean by out of memory? I mean I have all the memory in the world on my computer.

With large jobs like DVD’s, which may need 4 gigabytes or more of drive space to cache the files, it may end up taking more space than your drive may have.

If Windows XP Virtual Memory is activated, which it is by default, physical RAM may not be as much of an issue as it might otherwise be. You can burn DVD’s if you have 512 meg of RAM for instance, cause it caches the rest to the hard drive and processes it in chunks.

If your hard drive is not properly tracking due to lost clusters or something, it can get a bit confused, even if you technically do have enough hard drive space. If the file system gets confused, doing a Disk Error Check and Fix can help get it back on track.

Sometimes huge temp files are left on the disk and take up space you might otherwise have available for other things. There are programs like CCleaner that can help with that, if you are unfamiliar with doing it manually.