Dvd shrink help

i used a program called dvd shrink to compress the dvd to fit on a 4.7gb disk.my problem is when i then use my burning software to burn the disk i look in the folder i compressed them to and there not there,but i know they are there i can see em when i open the folder.the burning software i have is dvd clone 2.what am i doing wrong. witch burning software should i use. ps. i am not afraid to say i am a total newbie at burning dvd.

DVDShrink uses either Nero or DVDecrypter to burn.

DVDecrypter is free and you can use a trial version of nero. Be aware that the new nero versions are having problems with Shrink! Use a version 6.00.19 or older. If you download decrypter do not sign up or install anything extra! Be careful! seems OK with Shrink…backed up a few movies since updating to that version over the last couple of days. :slight_smile:

I’d agree with using Nero 6.6.x.x til they fix up 7 properly, though!

Check this link out.


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I still love dvd shrink…along with my 6* nero and older version of dvd decrypter in my toolkit…:slight_smile: