Dvd shrink help please



i am trying to encode a dvd in shrink 3.2, and the main title is stored in the ‘Unreferenced material’ folder. When i attempt to make an iso is gets to 2% (the end of the intro and menus) then stops and says shrink has encounted an I/O error. I cant encoded the main title on its own without the intro, menus etc. because when i open the re-author screen i cant view the unreferenced material folder. can anyone help as i have not come across a problem like this before. thanks


Whats the movie?


Are you using a Decrypter; such as AnyDVD?


Download RipIt4Me and rip the original disc to your Hard Drive using that first, then run it through DVD Shrink. RipIt4Me creates the ‘cleanest’ rips of newer copyright-protected discs.


will give it a go now. thanks


Or install the latest ver of AnyDVD and run it (your novie) through DVD Shrink. You’ll be sweet.