DVD Shrink Help Needed

I have put a movie in and opened DVD Shrink to get a feeling for it before burning. I’m having a slight problem figuring out what to choose to put on the dvd…like which audio options should I take…there were about six options! I have two speakers hooked up to my tv at home. Should I take 5.1 or something else?

Also, when checking out extras, how do you know which are which extras? There is no exact label on them to say.

And I’ve been reading that doing deep analysis is a good way to go? Is this really necessary if the shrinking is 80% or higher?

I was also reading about options of smoothing and sharpening…where do I find these options as I could not find them? And when is doing this necessary?

Thanks to anyone who can help out a newbie to this. :bow:

i don’t shrink anymore unless i can get 90% or higher after stripping out want i don’t need. plus i only do main movie. take a look at my simple way…here

So you actually put all your movies onto 2 discs? I suppose that is something to consider, would probably keep better quality.

Any answers to the questions I asked though about the other way of doing it would be appreciated. Anyone?

This is the process i use for burning DVD files using SHRINK,i
find it to be exctremely easy and the results are great.

  1. Download DVD Decrypter
  2. After installation of Decrypter select EDIT followed by Main movie files + IFOS. Also select Video ts_Bup Video ts_Ifo Video ts_Vob in addition to whats selected by Decrypter. You need to hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard when selecting the additional files above or you’ll find that it selects everything.
  3. Decrypt to hard drive.
  4. Open SHRINK and select REAUTHOR pointing to DRIVE where files were
  5. After reauthoring select Backup using shrink and once completed burn with
    Copy2dvd/Nero or you can burn with DECRYPTER.
    Good LUCK.


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

Thanks. I really want to use just dvdshrink and Nero though. It’s obvious the more I read that pretty much everyone says use deep analysis. What about this sharp and smooth settings I have read about though? When are they needed? And where do you find them?

if you click on the subject in the left pain you will see you can play it in the viewer,also remove the sound track you do not want and click on Menus,and the chose custom level you can slide it to as low as it goes do this for all but the mail titel,this will add space for the movie,the smoth and sharp and others are in the tab’s you get when you tell it to back up,i find sharp is great for most and old movies and black and white i perfer smoth,

The Sharp/Smooth settings can be found when you select the BACKUP option in SHRINK, followed by the Quality setting tab.You have two sections BACKUP quality settings/Quality enhancement settings. If you select Quality enhancement settings by ticking the box you are given the option to select Maxium Sharpness/Smooth/Maxium Sharpness.

The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

Thanks all. Additionally to this if I only want to take the main movie and use the re-authoring tool I know I lose the menus, but can I still do the following: can you still skip from chapter to chapter? Does it still say what chapter it is on? Say you want to start the movie in the middle, can you do that? Can you still check to see where you are in the movie? Just trying to figure out how much ability I will be losing by doing it that way.

Yes, you will still be able to skip chapter to chapter within the movie, fastforward, ect. You can even punch in a chapter number and it will take you right to that chapter. The only thing you lose is the menu with the snapshot of the scene you want to go to. As far as checking where you are in the movie it really depends on what you are playing it on. On my PC, it is a peice of cake. WinDVD let’s you know in the little popup toolbar what chapter you are on and you can slide the bar half-way across to get exactly half-way through the movie. On a regular standalone DVD Player it will be a little more difficult. It just means that a little more guesswork is involved when trying to get to a particular spot in the movie.

I mean on a standalone dvd player. On dvds I watch now (orginals) I just push a button (I forget what it is called) and it tells me which chapter I am on, so if I stop it and finish watching it tomorrow I can just go right to that chapter. Will I lose this ability?

It depends on the Type of player you have…My Multiregion
player is clever enough to resume playback from the last scene played on any
DVD. I can watch parts of a movie and after a couple of days resume from where i was prior to turning the player off(very cool).

The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.