DVD Shrink has slowed down DRAMATICALLY

Hi everyone. I’m having an issue with my DVD Dhrink, and I’m hoping that pro’s here can help me out. I used to be able to rip a move in about 45 minutes with Shrink. About 4 days ago that all went down hill with rip increasing to 45 hours! It’s not the DVD Drive, because with DVD Decrypter or IMGBurn it will rip an entire movie in 15 minutes. So does anyone have any tips as to how I can get DVD Shrink back to normal or maybe a different program I can use that will get me the same results that i get with Shrink? Thank you so very much for any assistance that you guys and girls can offer.

Start with checking your DMA settings first. Your will find a link in my sig on how to do that.


PHENOMINAL! Thanks, I’ll check that and return with an update.:bigsmile:

Okay I did that and in the Device Manager, for both Devices DMA option is selected. I then attempted to rip a movie and its still ripping at 45 hours.:frowning:

What mode is it in.

Mode 1,2,3,4,5,6 ?

As long as there is no pio mode you should be good there.

Are you using something to remove copy protection like AnyDvD with DvDShrink?

Have you tried a fresh install?

By the way ImgBurn only burns and does not rip.



You could always try this combo.

Use DvDFaB HD Decrypter to copy a image to the hard drive. It’s free and it will remove the copy protections for ya.


Now if you want to copy the image to dual layer media then use Imburn in build mode. Link in my sig.

Now if you want to copy to single layer use DvD Shrink, then save your output as an Iso, then use Imgburn to burn the image.


See thats the thing. I tried that way by using DVD Decrypter and then taking the files and making an ISO out of them with Shrink and it still takes 45 hours. DVD Shrink is the problem, cuz everything else works fine. So freaking weird.

Yes, but DvD Decrypter will not remove the latest protections. Unless you are using AnyDvD with it.

DvD Decrypter and DvDFaB HD Decrypter are two different programs.

I have read in some other forums about the video card causing the issue. Have you tried or is your video card up-to-date or functioning properly?

Usually this issue is caused by DMA or copy protection.

I have to scoot for now, hopefully someone else can pickup and feed some more ideas to ya.


It worked!:bigsmile::bow::bigsmile:

Good to hear its working
What worked for you? The video card? What exactly did you do, so others can leasrn from your experience.

I used DVDFab HD Decryptor to make he video/audio file, and the Shrink to create the ISO, and it worked out just like it used to. Thanks Platinum for you fast responses. You saved the day. Have a good one.:clap:


Re current DVD releases, some of them will work with DVD Decrypter directly, some via RipIt4Me. Some won’t. Some will work with DVDfab (Decrypter/Gold/Platinum), some won’t. My advice: Unless you already have advice to the contrary, try DVDfab first, then try any post-processing apps. If that fails, start over and rip with RipIt4me instead of DVDfab. Of course, you need to check compatibility of final results by playing it in a standalone player. Between the two rippers, you should be able to get almost all the current releases.