DVD Shrink Going Crazy

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung 22x DVD±RW SATA Writer Bulk Black. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I am having a perplexing problem.

I have been using DVD Shrink with AnyDVD with no problem under Windows XP on my old PC. About 2 weeks ago, I constructed a new PC. Nothing that fancy, just time to upgrade the hardware. I installed DVD Shrink and AnyDVD just as I did on the old system and all appeared to be fine. Now however, when I burn any DVD, the resulting disk is manged and will not play, either on my PC or my set-top player. If I use Nero Recode to encode/burn the disk, it plays fine everywhere I’ve tried. Has anyone encountered this problem before? If so, any idea what could be causing it?


Corrupted install of DVDShrink perhaps? We have it for download here at cdfreaks if you want to try another installation file. http://www.cdfreaks.com/software/Copy-DVD-Movie-Software/DVDshrink/DVDShrink.html

There are some newer movies that cause problems for the AnyDVD-DVDShrink combination. For those, I rip to the hard drive using the built-in ripper in AnyDVD, then open the files with DVDShrink.

I rarely use Shrink for the actual compression anymore though, unless it is a trivial amount, as I’ve gone to DVDRebuilder for most of my DVD backups.


I do not think that is the issue… I have uninstalled/reinstalled DVD Shrink from a known good download and it still misbehaves, but only on the new PC. If I run exactly the same process on the old PC, except for the fact it takes a lot longer to run, it runs the same and creates a good disc.

I’ll give DVDRebuilder a look and see if I have better luck with it.

Thanks for the reply!

You may not like DVDRebuilder if speed is essential. It uses encoders and while it produces a better quality output, it is much slower. No harm in trying it out though, since there is a free version available. Use the HC encoder that is included with it for best results. It should be the default encoder anyway.

DVD Shrink does not burn.
What program is doing the actual burning?